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GSCS Statement on Black Lives Matter
In the wake of the recent murder of George Floyd and the many historical and present-day acts of violence against Black men and women, the Garden State Coalition of Schools wants to reaffirm our support of Black Lives Matter and all those who advocate for the changes that will put an end to those tragedies...'
10-19-20 Education in the News
Star Ledger--N.J.'s child care nightmare could actually get worse. Here’s why...' Philadelphia Inquirer--Camden schools get $740K federal grant to prevent violence...'

NY Times--‘Out of Control’: When Schools Opened in a Virus Hot Spot...'

The Atlantic--The Mad, Mad World of Niche Sports Among Ivy League–Obsessed Parents...'

Education Week--In-Person Learning Expands, Student Absences Up, Teachers Work Longer, Survey Shows...'

Education Dive--CDC: Schools should prioritize COVID testing for symptomatic staff, students...'

10-16-20 Education in the News
Star Ledger--22 outbreaks reported in N.J. schools where kids or teachers gave COVID-19 to each other...' Philadelphia Inquirer--New Jersey’s Teacher of the Year was born to teach, after a stint in a rock band...'

Politics K-12 (viaEducation Week)--Untangling the Role of Trump, Unions, and Politics in School Reopening Decisions...'

Education Dive--Helping student-athletes navigate recruitment amid canceled seasons...'

Edutopia--New Research Ignites Debate on the ‘30 Million Word Gap’...'

10-15-20 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Op-Ed: COVID-19 highlights racial inequities in school funding...' Star Ledger--N.J. district wanted to go remote for 2 weeks. Vacations to coronavirus hot spots are to blame...'

Star Ledger--Murphy directs N.J. agencies to do a better job at preventing and punishing bias crimes...'

Star Ledger--NJSIAA lost $640,000 from COVID-19 in 2019-20, audit shows...'

NY Times--Why Students Can’t Get Laptops...'

Education Week--The Essential Traits of a Positive School Climate...'

Politics K-12 (via Education Week)-There's No Constitutional Right to Civics Education, a Federal Judge Reluctantly Concludes...'

Education Dive--Secondary school suspensions cost some districts over a year of instruction...'

10-14-20 Education in the News
10-13-20 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--What it could mean for schools as NJ braces for second COVID-19 wave...' Star Ledger--All indoor sports can resume in N.J., Murphy says. That includes ice hockey games...'

The Record--BLM movement could mean changes in NJ classrooms...'

Education Week--Why Rapid Coronavirus Tests in Schools May Not Be the 'Game Changer' Some Officials Hope For...'

Education Dive--Study Guide: IEPs and special education during COVID-19...'

10-12-20 Education in the News
Star Ledger--Mercury vapors are seeping out of N.J. school’s floor. $1M plan will fix it, if voters OK it...'
Star Ledger--Just a tummy ache or the COVID ‘cooties’ that’ll shut down school?    Opinion...'

Philadelphia Inquirer--How are coronavirus cases in schools being reported? ‘It’s a hodge-podgey mess’...'

New York Times--The Digital Divide Starts With a Laptop Shortage...'

Education Week--As More Schools Resume In-Person Learning, Some Lessons From Districts That Did It First...'

The Record--When gym class goes virtual, NJ phys ed teachers have to get creative...'

Chalkbeat--A new national effort to promote school integration is underway. More than two dozen school districts want in...'

Edutopia--Tools for Social and Emotional Development in Online Learning...'

10-9-20 Education in the News
Star Ledger--AG Grewal: Anti-bias education will help us fight a rising tide of hate    Opinion...'
Star Ledger--School bus company hired drug users, people with suspended licenses as drivers, state alleges...'

Education Week--Five Ways America's Public Schools Could Survive the Coming Fiscal Storm...'

Chalkbeat--With most U.S. students still learning online, parents say they want better virtual instruction...'

Education Dive--State ed chiefs rethinking accountability during COVID-19...'

10-8-20 Education in the News
Star Ledger--More than 100 N.J. schools have reported COVID-19 cases, according to data collected by teachers...' Star Ledger--And the winner is ... Meet the N.J. Teacher of the Year...'

NPR--Pandemic Seems To Be Driving School Enrollment Down, NPR Investigation Shows...'

Politics K-12 (via Education Week)--Five Ways America's Public Schools Could Survive the Coming Fiscal Storm...'

Education Dive--How to build a dual-enrollment program that works for all students...'

The Hechinger Report--Who ya gonna call? Remote learning helpline for teachers…and parents...'

10-7-20 Education in the News
Chalkbeat (via NJ Spotlight)--In remote-learning era, Newark teacher evaluations go virtual...' Star Ledger--Dr. Deborah Birx, head coronavirus task force, calls for sacrifices to slow COVID-19 outbreak this fall in N.J. visit...'

Insider NJ--AG Grewal and Education Commissioner Dehmer Announce Statewide “Handle With Care” Program...'

Education Week--Teacher Tips: How to Reduce Screen Time When School Is Online...'

Chalkbeat--How much learning have students lost due to COVID? Projections are coming in, but it’s still hard to say...'

Education Dive--IEPs altered to reflect distance learning service changes, but at cost to schools...'

The Hechinger Report--OPINION: How can teachers help students grapple with the chaos surrounding us?...'

10-6-20 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Op-Ed: Pandemic presents chance to remake education...' NJ Spotlight (video)--Parents push back on district school reopening plans...'

Star Ledger--Playing amid pandemic (NJ high school sports)...'

Star Ledger--If you make less than $150K, you could be eligible for childcare money under expanded N.J. program...'

NY Times--What It’s Like to Be a Teacher in 2020 America...'

Education Dive--How schools are navigating privacy concerns in COVID-19 contact tracing...'

The Hechinger Report--Nonprofits step in to help working parents making “impossible choices”...'

10-5-20 Education in the News
Star Ledger--76% of N.J. parents worried schools wouldn’t be safe, new survey says...' Star Ledger--These N.J. schools have shut down in-person learning due to COVID-19 cases. (Oct. 3, 2020)...'

Edutopia--With Stress in Schools Increasing, Simple Strategies to Stay Calm...'

The Hechinger Report--Remote learning has been a disaster for many students. But some kids have thrived...'

10-2-20 Education in the News
Star Ledger--Will the state force Lakewood schools to go all-remote as COVID-19 numbers rise?...' Philadelphia Inquirer--Where are all the kindergartners? In a pandemic, some parents aren’t enrolling them in public school...'

Asbury Park Press--NJ school bus safety probe reveals how some companies dodge laws, risk kids' safety...'

Education Week--Key Strategies for Steering Schools Through COVID-19...'

Politics K-12 (via Education Week)-Congress Averts Government Shutdown, Makes it Easier for Schools to Feed Hungry Kids...'

Chalkbeat--Teaching in-person and virtual students at once? It’s an instructional nightmare, some educators say...'

Education Dive--District budgets, expenses in flux while in-person learning remains uncertain...'

10-1-20 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--State investigators say Murphy staff knew about SDA patronage...' Star Ledger--Murphy says he doesn’t expect to have to shut down N.J. again due to coronavirus...'

Star Ledger--11 N.J. schools have COVID-19 outbreaks in which students or teachers caught the virus in school...'

Asbury Park Press--NJ school-based mental health services saved from chopping block under new budget...'

New York Times--‘A Battle for the Souls of Black Girls’...'

Politics K-12 (via Education Week)--Democrats Boost COVID-19 School Aid, Cut State and Local Relief in Revised Bill...'

Edutopia--Pedro Noguera: The Work Is Not Yet Done...'

GSCS Monthly Meeting 9-30-20 Agenda
9-30-20 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Rapid COVID-19 tests from White House not clinically approved for mass screening...' Press of Atlantic City--COVID-19 cases rising among US children as schools reopen...'

NPR--Juggling Financial Stress And Caregiving, Parents Are 'Very Not OK' In The Pandemic...'

Education Week--Districts Feel the Pain From Standoff Over COVID-19 Aid...'

Education Dive--Ed Dept: Schools can prioritize reopenings for students with disabilities...'

Edutopia--How to Broaden Students’ Sense of History...'

9-29-20 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Some special needs students struggle with virtual learning...' Associated Press (via Star Ledger)--Rapid coronavirus tests to be sent across the U.S. in push to reopen schools...'

Education Week--Keeping COVID-19 Rates Low in Schools: Advice From a Pandemic Expert...'

Education Dive--Report: Pandemic could spur new school staffing approaches...'

Edutopia--Creating Online Clubs for Students During Remote Learning...'

9-28-20 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--NJ public school teachers see salary increases...' Philadelphia Inquirer--What does in-person school look like in the COVID-19 era? Here’s a look inside...'

NY Times--Put Down Your No. 2 Pencils. But Not Your Face Mask...'

NY Times--How to Keep the Coronavirus at Bay Indoors...'

Education Week--Keeping COVID-19 Rates Low in Schools: Advice From a Pandemic Expert...'

Education Week--When There's a COVID-19 Vaccine, School Employees Could Be Among the First to Get It...'

9-25-20 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Legislature passes $32.7B budget. Murphy expected to sign it next week...' Star Ledger--At least 22 schools have COVID-19 cases, but still no proof of in-class transmission, N.J. officials say...'

Star Ledger--9 N.J. schools just won a huge national honor...'

Asbury Park Press-- Thrust onto pandemic's front lines, NJ high school athletic trainers adapting on the fly...'

Education Week--How to Thwart 'Zoombombing' in the Remote Classroom: 10 Tips...'

Education Dive--Feds to ship 'millions of tests per week' to help schools stay open, official says...'

9-24-20 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--NJ lawmakers find millions for pet projects in budget that borrows billions, raises taxes...' NY Times--This Is the Casual Racism That I Face at My Elite High School...'

NPR--School Attendance In The COVID Era: What Counts As 'Present'?...'

Education Week--COVID-19 Education Relief: Congress Dithers and Advocates Fume...'

Politics K-12 (via Education Week)--Five Reasons Policymakers Now Think Money Should No Longer 'Follow Students'...'

Chalkbeat--N.J. eased its attendance rules during the pandemic. Then Newark said 99.8% of students were present...'

Education Dive--Study: Schools still struggle with distance learning, but key solutions are emerging...'

The Hechinger Report—Op-Ed--COLUMN: Endangered public schools need federal leadership more than ever...'

9-23-20 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Fine Print: Teacher evaluation in the COVID era...' Star Ledger--Schools in N.J. are giving out free meals to kids, regardless of your income...'

Press of Atlantic City--The resumption of high school sports brings a bit of normalcy to area towns...'

NPR--New Dashboard Tracks Coronavirus Cases In Schools Across 47 States...'

Chalkbeat--Another pandemic shift: In many school districts, 1 in 10 kindergartners didn’t show up...'

Education Dive--GAO report: Unclear federal K-12 coronavirus guidance concerning...'

9-22-20 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Learning pods create classroom feel for remote students...' Star Ledger--Need money for childcare while your kids are remote learning? How to apply for a new $150M N.J. program...'

NY Times--As Schools Go Remote, Finding ‘Lost’ Students Gets Harder...'

New York Times--What We Know About Coronavirus Cases in K-12 Schools So Far...'

Education Week--Is Online Learning Worse Than Being in School? Majority of Teens Say Yes...'

Edutopia--What Teens Say They Need, and How Schools Can Adjust...'

The HechingerReport--OPINION: Fixing education during the pandemic means fixing an uneasy relationship with technology...'

9-21-20 Education in the News
Education--As more teachers stay out of classrooms, schools struggle to find substitutes...' Star Ledger--N.J. kids are now doing remote learning - and recess - from a trampoline park...'

NY Times--Streaming Kindergarten on TikTok...'

Education Week--Do Parents Trust Schools? Where the Fault Lines Are During COVID-19...'

Education Dive--Report: Teacher pay still lags peers in other professions by 19.2%...'

9-18-20 Education in the News
Politics K-12 (via Education Week)--CDC Details Color-Coded Risk Levels for In-Person Learning During Pandemic...' Chalkbeat (via NJ Spotlight)--Almost all Newark students now have laptops, district says, but tech challenges remain...'

NY Times--DeVos Vows to Withhold Desegregation Aid to Schools Over Transgender Athletes...'

NPR--Child Positive For Coronavirus Was Sent To School Anyway. Others Quarantining Now...'

Education Week--Do Parents Trust Schools? Where the Fault Lines Are During COVID-19...'

Education Dive--Survey: 1 in 3 teachers considering exit, early retirement due to coronavirus...'

9-17-20 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Laptop shortage, lack of internet access behind bumpy start to remote learning...' NY Times--For School Outbreaks, It’s When, Not If That’s frightening. But a case at your child’s school does not mean you should panic...'

NPR--'I'm Only 1 Person': Teachers Feel Torn Between Their Students And Their Own Kids...'

Education Week--When Is It Safe for Schools to Open? Many States Haven't Given Clear Answers...'

Chalkbeat--How much online learning is too much? Schools’ shift to live virtual classes sparks pushback...'

Education Dive--Report: 23 states, DC failed to give schools health guidance for reopening...'

Edutopia--Engaging Students in Virtual Instruction With the Camera Off...'

The Hechinger Report--OPINION: Distrust of science in the coronavirus era reminds us why we must boost elementary science education...'

9-16-20 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--More schools switch to remote learning amid positive COVID-19 cases...' Star Ledger--Trump administration sending 2.4M masks to N.J. schools but Congress members fear cuts for other equipment...'

Star Ledger--N.J. likely won’t have to close all schools, switch to remote learning because of COVID-19 cases, Murphy says...'

Philadelphia Inquirer--As virtual school year begins, frustrated parents are pushing school boards to reconsider...'

The Atlantic--What Is Good Teaching?...'

Education Week--Cyberattacks Disrupt Learning Even More During COVID-19...'

Chalkbeat--The pandemic is spotlighting longstanding issues with America’s school buildings...'

Education Dive--Districts embrace in-person learning pods for marginalized students...'

9-15-20 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Back to school in New Jersey: What to expect this fall...' Star Ledger--No evidence of in-classroom transmission as number of COVID-19 cases at N.J. schools rises, state says...'

Press of Atlantic City--Gov. Murphy wrong to cut funding for school-based counseling programs, says Sen. Michael Testa...'

Insider NJ--Karabinchak, Jasey & Lampitt Bill to Create ‘School Nurse Consultant’ Position in Department of Education Now Law...'

NY Times--Will This Be a Lost Year for America’s Children?...'

Education Week--When Is it Safe for Schools to Open? Many States Haven't Given Clear Answers...'

Education Week--Districts Struggle to Keep Tabs on COVID-19 Cases...'

Edutopia--Establishing Routines for Remote Learning...'

9-14-20 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--NJ Schools Reopen: What Districts Are Remote, In-Person or Hybrid?...' Star Ledger--Schools in at least 6 N.J. districts announce schedule changes over student, staff COVID-19 cases...'

Education Week--What a Trump Directive on 'Anti-American Propaganda' Means for the Ed. Dept...'

Chalkbeat--A nationwide divide: Hispanic and Black students more likely than white students to start the year online...'

Edutopia--Trauma is ‘Written Into Our Bodies’—but Educators Can Help...'

The Hechinger Report--OPINION: Distrust of science in the coronavirus era reminds us why we must boost elementary science education...'

9-11-20 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--NJ Lawmakers Demand More Information, More School Aid Dollars...' Star Ledger--N.J. could spare life-saving school counseling program from budget ax, Murphy says...'

Star Ledger--Did your kid fall behind during the pandemic? N.J. schools to unveil new 'Start Strong’ exam to find out...'

Star Ledger--Murphy says N.J. is keeping a close eye on COVID-19 cases in schools as in-person classes resume...'

Education Dive--Outdoor learning is safer, but how are schools doing it?...'

Edutopia--3 Participation Strategies for Live Video Instruction...'

9-10-20 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Students Still Face Gaps in Tech Needed for Remote Learning...' Star Ledger--N.J. high school cancels in-person classes for 2 weeks after student COVID-19 infection...'

NY Times --My Child Has a Disability. What Will Her Education Be Like This Year?...'

NPR--The Pandemic Has Researchers Worried About Teen Suicide...'

9-9-20 Education in the NewsNJ Spotlight--Gov. Phil Murphy’s Tax Estimates Off by More Than $1B, Legislative Analysts Say
NJ Spotlight--Gov. Phil Murphy’s Tax Estimates Off by More Than $1B, Legislative Analysts Say...' Star Ledger--87 school districts can reopen even though their reopening plans aren’t approved, N.J officials say...'

Star Ledger--Schools across N.J. reopened today. Here’s what it looked like...'

Star Ledger--N.J. teachers pen scathing list of remote-learning problems after first week of school reopening...'

NY Times--Website Crashes and Cyberattacks Welcome Students Back to School...'

NPR--Researchers Warn Nearly Half Of U.S. Child Care Centers Could Be Lost To Pandemic...'

Education Week--Schools May Get Sued Over COVID-19. 7 Things to Know About Managing That Risk...'

Chalkbeat--In nationwide ruling, judge blocks DeVos rule on aid to private schools...'

Education Dive--Districts' approaches to accommodating high-risk educators a mixed bag...'

Edutopia--Helping Teachers Feel More Confident About Distance Learning...'

9-8-20 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--NJ Schools Reopen: What Districts Are Remote, In-Person or Hybrid?...' NJ Spotlight--NJ Reopens Schools, Restaurants, Gyms and More — but What’s Next?...'

Star Ledger--Don’t take away our students’ mental health counseling, cash-strapped N.J. district pleads...'

Star Ledger--Organizations donate 1,200 hotspots to Trenton public schools to close ’digital divide’...'

The Record--What parents need to know as NJ schools reopen this week amid coronavirus pandemic...'

NY Times--Coronavirus Schools Briefing: Lunch Along With Learning...'

NPR--'Children Are Going Hungry': Why Schools Are Struggling To Feed Students...'

Education Dive--DeVos: States should 'rethink' assessment, consider competency, mastery-based assessments...'

9-4-20 Education in the News
NJTV News (via NJ Spotlight)--Video: How Will Kids Be Affected by the Absence of School?...' Education Week--Why Students Need Social-Emotional Learning Now...'

Education Week--Nation's Schools Get a 'C' Once Again, Even as Pandemic Turns Up the Heat...'

Politics K-12 (via Education Week)--Betsy DeVos Tells States Not to Expect Waivers From Annual Tests...'

Education Dive--1:1 programs 'on steroids' bring challenges for school districts...'

9-3-20 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--What Grade Does Murphy Get for NJ Schools’ Reopening?...' NJ Spotlight--Video: Toms River Details Virtual Plan Waiting on State Approval...'

NJ Spotlight--Interview: Head of High School Athletics in NJ Talks About Returning to Play...'

Star Ledger--N.J. has the best public schools in the nation — again, ranking says...'

Star Ledger--Thousands pushing to spare life-saving school counseling program from Murphy’s budget ax...'

The Record--Once hailed as heroes, NJ teachers face backlash as tensions grow over all-remote learning...'

NY Times—Op-Ed: ‘Remote Learning’ Is Often an Oxymoron...'

Education Dive--DOL: No federal-approved leave for families choosing remote learning...'

Education Week--Nation's Schools Get a 'C' Once Again, Even as Pandemic Turns Up the Heat...'

9-2-20 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Fine Print: Survey of NJ School Districts, a Clear Call for Help...' NJTV News (via NJ Spotlight)--Video: How Hazlet Township Prepared for In-Person Learning This Fall...'

Star Ledger--N.J. school district lays off 240 employees, citing financial impact of coronavirus...'

The Record--Here's a list of the current reopening plans for school districts across North Jersey...'

Education Week--Are All-Remote Districts Really Saving That Much Money This Fall?...'

The Hechinger Report--As the world goes virtual, big education technology players tighten their grip...'

9-1-20 Education in the News
NJ TV News (via NJ Spotlight)-Video: Teacher Shortages Force School Districts to Go Virtual...' NJ Spotlight--Video: Bill Would Mandate Flu Shots for All Students Pre-K Through College...'

NJ Spotlight--Want to Weigh In on Murphy’s Budget? Write It Down...'

NY Times--Federal Government Relaxes Rules on Feeding Low-Income Students...'

NPR--Remote Learning's Distractions Put Extra Pressure On Students With ADHD...'

Education Week--Are All-Remote Districts Really Saving That Much Money This Fall?...'

Education Dive--Report: Up to 4 months of 'COVID slide' learning loss expected in K-5...'

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NJSBA FALL WORKSHOP 2012, Tuesday October 23, 2012 2:30pm - 4:00pm @ Room: 404

Special Session 2:30pm: Inside Look: Insights from NJ’s Governmental Relations Directors

…The governmental relations directors from around New Jersey work directly with legislators on education issues that impact local schools. Join us for an informative conversation and an inside look into the perspective of the governmental relations directors. The discussion will be moderated by John Mooney, founding editor and education writer at NJ Spotlight.

Debra Bradley, Esq., Governmental Relations Director, New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association

John Donnadio, Executive Director, New Jersey Association of Counties

Judy Savage, Executive Director, NJ Council of County Vocational-Technical Schools

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Lynne Strickland, Executive Director, Garden State Coalition of Schools

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