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All Meetings, starting in September 2021...'
GSCS Statement Condemning Violence Motivated by Race, Ethnicity or Sexual Orientation
With the recent spate of violent bias-based crimes and other incidences of hatred based on perceived characteristics of individuals or groups, the Garden State Coalition of Schools wants to reaffirm our support of all those who advocate for the changes that will put an end to those expressions of hatred and promote increased understanding and peaceful resolution of conflict in our communities.
Latest Testimonies and Letters
Testimony on delayed learning from Rachel Goldberg, letter on cessation of SBYSP and more...'
Every year GSCS puts together a “Critical Issues Sheet” to help define focus areas for the school year...'
6-7-23 Education in the News
NY Times--Make Way for the Bike Bus...' NY Times--A Religious School That’s Also a Public School...'

Education Week--Kids can't all be star athletes. Here's how schools can welcome more students to play...'

Education Dive--Schools tap multiple approaches to prevent fentanyl poisoning...'

6-6-23 Education in the News
Star Ledger--When it comes to gifts, we are not equal in every way. Don’t move the goalposts.    Opinion...'
The Record--These brave students are facing down antisemitism. NJ and US can do better    Our view...'

Education Week--Federal Rule on Trans Athletes Is Delayed. Here’s What That Means for Schools...'

Chalkbeat--First religious charter school approved in Oklahoma despite state ban...'

Education Dive--ACT to be piloted online starting in December...'

The Hechinger Report--TEACHER VOICE: Calculus is a roadblock for too many students; let’s teach statistics instead...'

6-5-23 Education in the News
Philadelphia Inquirer—Moms for Liberty: Whit it is and who’s behind the group...' NY Times--Schools Received Billions in Stimulus Funds. It May Not Be Doing Enough...'

Education Week--5 Critical Strategies to Make Your School Safer...'

Education Dive--Education spared from severe cuts in Senate approval of debt ceiling deal...'

The Hechinger Report--PROOF POINTS: How important was your favorite teacher to your success? Researchers have done the math...'

6-2-23 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--About 10,000 Newark public school students need summer school this year, district says...' InsiderNJ—Opinion: Proposed Solutions to the Teacher Shortage: Numerous but Tepid and Unresponsive to Underlying Structural Problems...'

NY Times--High Temperatures Close Schools in Several U.S. Cities...'

NPR--Poll: Americans say teachers are underpaid, about half of Republicans oppose book bans...'

Education Week--Congress Prepares to Raise the Debt Ceiling. But K-12 Funding Is Still in Jeopardy...'

Education Dive--‘Wave’ of litigation expected as schools fight social media companies...'

6-1-23 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Mental health resources still available during summer recess...' Philadelphia Inquirer--Teachers are leaving PA schools at the highest rate on record, a new analysis shows...'

NY Times—Opinion--Mississippi Is Offering Lessons for America on Education...'

Washington Post—Perspective   We have a civics education crises—and deep divisions on how to solve it...'

Education Dive--Staffed Up: 4 ways to tackle retention, recruitment challenges in early childhood education...'

The Hechinger Report--Students with disabilities often left out of popular ‘dual-language’ programs...'

5-31-23 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Work out new LGBTQ policy, judge orders school board and NJ attorney general...' NJ Spotlight--Op-Ed: NJ leading the way in advanced education...'

InsiderNJ—Opinion: Book Bans: the Latest Version of ‘Build the wall’...'

Education Week--Should Schools Assign Summer Homework? Educators Weigh In...'

Chalkbeat--Do school vouchers ‘work’? As the debate heats up, here’s what research really says...'

5-30-23 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Op-Ed: Families are the critical link to improving literacy...' Philadelphia Inquirer--Pa. plans to train teachers to be ‘culturally relevant.’ A conservative legal group is suing over the guidelines...'

Asbury Park Press--Should NJ schools be required to teach swim safety?...'

NPR--How a little more silence in children's lives helps them grow...'

Education Week--Americans Know Few Key Asian American and Pacific Islander History Moments, Survey Finds...'

Education Dive--Amid rising antisemitism, Ed Dept reminds schools of obligations under Title VI...'

The Hechinger Report--PROOF POINTS: Do math drills help children learn?...'

InsiderNJ--Insider NJ Special Edition: Addressing Youth Mental Health In New Jersey (PDF)...'

5-26-23 Education in the News
Star Ledger--Tempers flare over book banning during N.J. school board meeting...' NPR--How a little more silence in children's lives helps them grow...'

Education Week--It’s Not ChatGPT That’s the Problem. It’s Binary Thinking...'

Chalkbeat--What happened to the social-emotional screening tool that NYC schools began using last year?...'

Education Dive--Teaching historical thinking can promote critical inquiry...'

5-25-23 Education in the News
The Record--NJ ban on banning books? New bill would cut aid to libraries, schools that block access...' NY Times--The Most Common Graduation Advice Tends to Backfire...'

Washington Post--Education slipped and enrollment dropped in the pandemic, report shows...'

Education Week--Teachers Say Improving Students’ Mental Well-Being Begins at Home...'

Chalkbeat--Many young kids missed early special ed services due to COVID, compounding work for schools...'

Education Dive--One year later: A look back at the repercussions from the Uvalde massacre...'

The Hechinger Report--How apprenticeships bring young students into the workplace...'

5-24-23 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Move to cut state funding for schools that ban books Sen. Andrew Zwicker says, 'You cannot ban a book without a consequence'...'

The Record--Surgeon general issues warning on social media. How NJ parents can protect their kids...'

Education Week--Schools Can Help Students With End-of-the-Year Stress. Here Are 4 Strategies...'

5-23-23 Education in the News
InsiderNJ--The Tortured New Jersey Odyssey of ‘Dick and Jane’...' Washington Post—Opinion: Civics education can’t succeed if we’re selling kids a broken democracy...'

The Atlantic--This high school senior's science project could one day save lives...'

Chalkbeat--Artificial intelligence could come to Newark public schools. What does that mean for student privacy and safety?...'

The Hechinger Report--Most families have given up virtual school, but what about students who are still thriving online?...'

5-22-24 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Low reading levels among NJ students spark campaign to improve literacy...' Star Ledger--Court temporarily blocks N.J. school district policy to out LGBTQ students...'

NY Times—OP-Ed: If You Care About Book Bans, You Should Be Following This Lawsuit...'

Education Week--A Medicaid Change Could Make It Easier for Schools to Pay for Special Ed. Services...'

Chalkbeat—Op-Ed: I never thought my child would need a school social worker, but I’m so glad she’s in our lives...'

Education Dive--NAEP board votes to postpone 2026 exam one year...'

5-19-23 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Some districts fear limitations due to new school funding...' Philadelphia Inquirer--‘Liquored up,’ ‘entitled,’ and ‘unhinged’: Parents’ bad behavior is ruining kids’ sports...'

NY Times--This P.T.A. Mom Is Suing Her School District for Banning Books...'

Education Week--High Schoolers Are Ditching Vapes. How Schools Can Encourage Students to Quit...'

Chalkbeat--Feds launch $10 million school desegregation program after stops and starts...'

Education Dive--School food prices soar by nearly 300%, consumer price index shows...'

Edutopia--Why Teaching Media Literacy Is Essential...'

5-18-23 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--A safe place to mourn and celebrate loved ones lost to suicide...' Star Ledger--N.J. Attorney General takes school district to court over policy to out LGBTQ students...'

NY Times--Florida School District Is Sued Over Book Restrictions...'

The Hechinger Report--School support staffers stuck earning poverty level wages...'

Education Week--These Factors Are Linked to High Student Attendance. Does Your School Have Them?...'

Chalkbeat--High-dosage tutoring is still hard. Here’s what schools have learned...'

Education Dive--More young children are back in preschool, report finds...'

5-17-23 Education in the News
Star Ledger--In lengthy case on Lakewood schools, N.J. education chief requests another report...' Asbury Park Press--Students are increasingly refusing to go to school. It’s becoming a mental health crisis...'

NPR--The Department of Education updates guidance on public school prayer...'

Education Week--What It’s Like Teaching Through a Youth Mental Health Crisis...'

Chalkbeat--An economist spent decades saying money wouldn’t help schools. Now his research suggests otherwise...'

Education Dive--School safety a key focus as White House ‘maximizes’ Bipartisan Safer Communities Act...'

5-16-23 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Lawmakers drive to get more electric school buses on the road...' NJ Spotlight--Op-Ed: Biliteracy is needed in NJ English-language learners deal with a lack of accommodations, discrepancies...'

Star Ledger--Please, get rid of testing. It just doesn’t work.    Opinion...'

The Record--High school baseball players impacted by extensive NCAA recruiting changes...'

Insider NJ--'Do Not Let this Scare You'...'

Education Week--Teacher Job Satisfaction Rebounds From Last Year’s Low. But There’s Still a Ways to Go...'

Education Dive--These 5 best practices can help schools make the most of social media...'

5-15-23 Education in the News
NY Times--What We Lose When We Push Our Kids to ‘Achieve’...' Education Week--For LGBTQ+ Students, Having Teachers Who Care Can Make a Big Difference...'

Chalkbeat--COVID learning loss driven more by school and community factors than household ones, research finds...'

The Hechinger Report--OPINION: Want to improve our public schools? Create an impressive principal pipeline...'

5-12-23 Education in the News
Star Ledger--Help on the way? N.J. lawmakers tackle a dozen new bills to fix school staffing crisis...' The Record--NJ's critical teacher shortage could get help from new bills. Here's what they propose...'

Education Week--Teachers Need PD on Artificial Intelligence. What It Should Look Like...'

Chalkbeat—Opinion: As problem behaviors persist, is state testing making things worse?...'

Education Dive--Survey: Despite partisan divide on curriculum, most agree decisions should fall on school districts...'

5-11-23 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Health department could add COVID to list of required school vaccines...'
Star ledger--Ex-education commish: Lowering passing test scores is a parlor trick that hurts our kids    Opinion...'

The Record--Left behind in school evacuations, students with disabilities demand more protection in NJ...'

The Atlantic--The Book-Bans Debate Has Finally Reached a Turning Point...'

Education Week--AI Literacy, Explained...'

Education Dive--K-12 anticipates a summer of school construction...'

The Hechinger Report--As science denial grows, science museums fight back by teaching scientific literacy...'

5-10-23 Education in the News
The Record--School counseling needs to be a priority. Too much is at stake    Opinion...'
Education Week--Recruiters: Prospective Teacher Hires Have Questions. Be Prepared...'

Education Dive--Students’ mental health a greater hindrance to learning since pandemic...'

5-9-23 Education in the News
Education Week--Despite Their Promise, School Mental Health Screenings Face Resistance...' Chalkbeat—Opinion: AP U.S. History is a ‘race across time.’ That’s an outdated way to teach...'

Education Dive--Report: Severe weather disrupting special education services...'

The Hechinger Report/LA Times--The latest group to get special attention from college admissions offices: men...'

5-8-23 Education in the News
InsiderNJ--Lampitt to Address Teacher Resource Shortage...' Education Week--Understanding the Sharp Drop in History and Civics NAEP Scores: 4 Things to Know...'

The Hechinger Report--PROOF POINTS: How a debate over the science of math could reignite the math wars...'

5-5-23 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--State drops any plan to cut school-based mental health programs...' NJ Spotlight--Adolescent depression: What are the pressures, the solutions?...'

Star Ledger--Stop playing ‘Assassins’ water gun game, N.J. cops warn high school seniors...'

Philadelphia Inquirer—AP course offerings vary widely depending on where you live in New Jersey and where you go to school...'

Education Week--How To Fix the Shockingly Low NAEP History and Civic Scores...'

Edutopia--Using the Power of Compassion, Curiosity, and Creativity to Lead During Times of Change...'

The Hechinger Report--OPINION: We did not need the Nation’s ‘Report Card’ to tell us we must invest in civic education...'

5-4-23 Education in the News
Star Ledger--Efforts to erase African-American history is a frontal assault on democracy    Opinion...'
Washington Post—ChatGPT is the Start of Online Education, Not the End...'

Education Week--Teachers Need More Than Just Pay Raises, Secretary Cardona Says...'

Chalkbeat--New Jersey Board of Education sets lower high school exit exam passing score after narrow vote...'

Education Dive--Majority of principals attribute teacher vacancies to lack of applicants...'

The Hechinger Report--OPINION: We did not need the Nation’s ‘Report Card’ to tell us we must invest in civic education...'

5-3-23 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Op-Ed: NJ schools need a real system of accountability to ensure equity for students...' Star Ledger--N.J. high school district ending bus service for 3,000 students...'

NY Times--U.S. History Scores Are Falling, but It’s Not Just Because of the Pandemic...'

NPR--Schools ended universal free lunch. Now meal debt is soaring...'

Education Week--Lawmakers Want to Regulate Young Social Media Users. Will It Work?...'

Education Dive--Current opioid misuse remained unchanged among high schoolers during COVID-19...'

5-2-23 Education in the News
Education Week--How Special Education Funding Actually Works...' Chalkbeat/NJ Spotlight--Poorer NJ school districts to get more mental health funding...'

Education Dive--Virginia adopts new history standards amid anti-CRT push...'

The Hechinger Report--PROOF POINTS: How can tutors reach more kids? Researchers look to ed tech...'

5-1-23 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Op-Ed: The brutal inequity and uselessness of NJ’s latest high school graduation test...' NY Times—Opinion: Can the Meritocracy Survive Without the SAT?...'

Education Week--A Bipartisan Agenda for Schools Is Absolutely Possible...'

Education Dive--Supreme Court to hear case on school board members’ social media use...'

The Hechinger Report—Opinion: Bold overhaul of U.S. public education, starting now...'

4-28-23 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--In NJ, progressives mobilize against ‘right-wing extremism’ on sex ed, LGBTQ school policies...' Washington Post--Florida education bill boosts ‘classic’ alternative to SAT and ACT...'

Education Week--Chromebooks’ ‘Short’ Lifespan Costs Schools Billions of Dollars, Report Finds...'

Education Dive--Ed Dept revives systemic racial discrimination reviews of school districts...'

4-27-23 Education in the News
NY Times--At This Museum Sixth Graders Learn Lessons in Democracy...' Education Week--Kids’ Declining Mental Health Is the ‘Crisis of Our Time,’ Surgeon General Says...'

Chalkbeat--It’s often hard to tutor students during the school day. A new initiative seeks to change that...'

Education Dive--Ed Dept revives systemic racial discrimination reviews of school districts...'

The Hechinger Report--TEACHER VOICE: Don’t say you aren’t a math person. Let’s help students develop positive math identities...'

4-26-23 Education in the News
NY Times--The College Board Will Change Its A.P. African American Studies Course...' Education Week--Can School Board Members Block Parents on Social Media? Supreme Court to Decide...'

Education Week--Teaching Shouldn’t Be a ‘Life-Threatening Profession,’ Biden Says...'

4-25-23 Education in the News
NPR--ALA: Number of unique book titles challenged jumped nearly 40% in 2022...' Education Week--10 Education Priorities America Could Afford If Everyone Paid All Their Taxes...'

Education Dive--Bipartisan, bicameral proposal aims to bolster K-12 cybersecurity...'

4-24-23 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Poorer school districts to get more mental health funding...' NY Times--Florida at Center of Debate as School Book Bans Surge Nationally...'

Washington Post—Opinion: Students Can Suffer as Adults Politicize Education System...'

Education Week--Special Education Is Getting More Expensive, Forcing Schools to Make Cuts Elsewhere...'

Edutopia--SEL From Bell to Bell in Middle and High School...'

4-21-23 Education in the News
NY Times--Book Bans Rising Rapidly in the U.S., Free Speech Groups Find...' The Atlantic--Why Kids Aren’t Falling in Love With Reading...'

Education Week--Schools Are Installing Vape Detectors and Using Juul Settlement Money to Pay for It...'

Chalkbeat--As GOP ramps up school culture wars, Democrats weigh a counterattack...'

Education Dive--Florida state board expands ‘Don’t Say Gay’ restrictions through 12th grade...'

Edutopia--Teaching Students How to Identify Credible Sources...'

4-20-23 Education in the News
Education Week--After Threats and Unruly Meetings, School Boards Invest in Security...' Education Week--Inflated Costs, Growing Needs: Why Educators Are Pessimistic About School Budgets...'

Edutopia--How to Get Even More Out of Conferences...'

4-19-23 Education in the News
The Record--NJ lawmakers grill education commissioner, SDA chief at budget hearing: What to know...' Education Dive--Families are frustrated with K-12 customer service: Here’s why...'

NPR--Attacks on Brazil's schools — often by former students — spur a search for solutions...'

Education Week--What School Leaders Can Do to Ease Teacher Stress...'

Chalkbeat--Student access to teletherapy skyrockets as schools combat youth mental health crisis...'

4-18-23 Education in the News
Education Week--‘Poor for the Rest of Your Life’: Negative Messages Can Deter Prospective Teachers...' Education Week--What Educators Think About Using AI in Schools...'

The Hechinger Report--Trade programs — unlike other areas of higher education — are in hot demand...'

4-17-23 Education in the News
NY Times--Kids Can’t Read’: The Revolt That Is Taking On the Education Establishment...' NPR--Scholastic wanted to license her children's book — if she cut a part about 'racism'...'

Education Week--Districts Say Social Media Is Hurting Students’ Mental Health. Now They’re Suing...'

Education Week--How to Get Students to Take Advanced Courses Sooner: Strategies for Schools...'

Chalkbeat--Newark Public Schools plans to install over 7,000 new security cameras districtwide...'

Education Dive--OCR changes approach to complaints amid record high volume...'

4-7-23 Education in the News
NJ Times--Biden Plan Allows Limits on Trans Athletes’ Participation in School Sports...' Education Week--School Shootings: The Long-Term Financial Fallout...'

Education Dive--Partisan divide on DEI illustrated in school district mission statements...'

The Hechinger Report--Do you tell your kid something is ‘racist’ or ‘mean’? The answer may depend on your race...'

4-6-23 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Another tool coming to aid in mental health crisis?...' Education Week--The 4 People in Schools Who Students Are Most Likely to Call a Mentor...'

Chalkbeat--New Jersey Board of Education continues to deliberate lower high school exit exam passing score...'

4-5-23 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Q&A: How are young people redefining civic engagement?...' Chalkbeat--With more shootings and guns on campus, schools walk a fine line in response...'

Education Dive--Lessons In Leadership: A North Carolina principal details why middle school is more than academics...'

4-4-23 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--NJ schools set to get more aid...' NJ Spotlight--Another NJ child dead by suicide. What can parents, schools do?...'

Philadelphia Inquirer--New funding will help rescue some N.J. school districts facing budget cuts — for now...'

NPR--Recovery high schools help kids heal from an addiction and build a future...'

Education Week--Why Teachers Say They Leave the Classroom—And Why They Stay...'

Education Dive--Turnitin unveils AI writing detection tool...'

Chalkbeat--‘Girls know what they want’: New Jersey girls expand programming to support local youth...'

COLUMN: Do we need more ‘parental rights’ — or help fixing the real problems in education? (Opinion)...'

4-3-23 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--NJ may offer counseling for children who witness domestic violence...' NJ Spotlight--Push to hold social media companies accountable for potential harm...'

The Record--NJ is not doing enough to ensure funding for Schools Development Authority, report says...'

The Atlantic--Is Holocaust Education Making Anti-Semitism Worse?...'

Education Week--Schools Routinely Search Students for Weapons Under Safety Plans. Should They?...'

The Hechinger Report--OPINION: Post-pandemic, let’s develop true education-to-workforce pathways to secure a better future...'

3-31-23 Education in the News
Star Ledger--Lawmakers approve more aid for N.J. schools facing cuts. Critics say there has to be a better way...' Education Week--Book Challenges Doubled in 2022 and Became More Organized...'

Education Dive--School bathroom policies hardened amid upticks in bullying, risky behaviors...'

Edutopia--In Utah, a New Law Takes on Teen Social Media Addiction...'

The Hechinger Report--The culture wars are driving teachers from the classroom. Two campaigns are trying to help...'

3-30-23 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Nashville school shooting, another tragedy for American children...'
Star Ledger--Send high-school exit tests off the exit ramp    Letters...'

InsiderNJ--NJ Public Education Advocates Issue “Petition” Demanding Guidance on the NJSLS-CHPE Mandate and Enforcement by the NJ Attorney General...'

Education Week--Schools Bought Tech to Accelerate Learning. Is It Working?...'

Chalkbeat--The books we ban are the books we need...'

Education Dive--Ed tech experts urge caution on ChatGPT’s student data privacy...'

3-29-23 Education in the News
The Hechinger Report--COLUMN: Do we need more ‘parental rights’ — or help fixing the real problems in education?...' Chalkbeat--Lawmakers across U.S. push for harsher school discipline as safety fears rise...'

Education Week--What the Tragedy in Nashville Reveals About School Safety...'

3-28-23 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Op-Ed: NJ lawmakers should enable free period products in schools...' NJ Spotlight--State’s school-funding calculations frustrate losing districts...'

Chalkbeat--Shooter kills 3 children, 3 adults at Nashville private church school...'

Education Dive--How have state ed leaders prioritized academics and mental health in ESSER initiatives?...'

3-27-23 Education in the News
NPR--What we do (and don't) know about teacher shortages, and what can be done about them...' MyCentralJersey.com--Watchung Hills’ federal lawsuit targets Facebook, TikTok, YouTube and others...'

Press of Atlantic City--Modern life putting a strain on the mental health of today's young people...'

Education Week--Some Students Are Less Likely to Have Absences Excused. Why That Matters for Schools...'

Chalkbeat--Denver schools are bringing back police. Other places in the U.S. already have...'

The Hechinger Report--OPINION: Our children are paying the price for the culture wars and witch hunts in public education...'

3-24-23 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Protect children from addiction, NJ lawmakers tell social media companies...' Star Ledger--No more fall statewide tests, N.J. education department announces...'

The Record--Why your parenting style won't work with digital kids: Tips from NJ mental-health experts...'

NY Times--Now, Poorer Children Are Falling Behind on the Playing Field...'

NY Times--Shooting at Denver High School Focuses Attention on School Safety Plans...'

Education Week--TikTok Is Raising National Security, Privacy Concerns. Should Educators Steer Clear?...'

Chalkbeat--Denver schools are bringing back police. Other places in the U.S. already have...'

Education Dive--Ed Dept approves extensions for ESSER, GEER spending...'

3-23-23 Education in the News
NY Times--Denver Student Shoots 2 School Administrators, Police Say...' The Atlantic--Why Kids Aren’t Falling in Love With Reading...'

NPR--Plot twist: Activists skirt book bans with guerrilla giveaways and pop-up libraries...'

Education Week--Here’s How 4 States Spent Their ESSER Money...'

Education Dive--How is New York setting the standard for implementing student data privacy policies?...'

The Hechinger Report--Toddlers need social emotional learning, teachers say...'

3-22-23 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--First budget hearing marked by various calls for extra funding...' Star Ledger--N.J. fast-tracking plan to reduce school aid cuts. See how much districts would get...'

NY Times--Teacher Shot by 6-Year-Old Will ‘Never Forget’ the Look on His Face...'

Washington Post--FAFSA redesign delayed by two months, says Education Dept...'

The Atlantic--Is This the Singularity for Standardized Tests?...'

NPR--In 'The Teachers,' passion motivates, even as conditions grow worse for educators...'

Education Week--One Way to Set Students Up for Success: Let Them Sleep...'

Education Week--The Origins of Racial Inequality in Education...'

Chalkbeat--Tutoring isn’t reaching most students. Here’s how to vastly expand it...'

Education Dive--Supreme Court rules against district in Perez v. Sturgis Public Schools special ed case...'

3-21-23 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Lawmakers fast-track measure to partly make up for school-aid cuts...' NJ Spotlight--Op-Ed: When COVID-19 relief runs out, schools will need support systems in place...'

Philadelphia Inquirer--Cherry Hill School Superintendent Has Been Recruited by a PA District...'

NPR--With gun control far from sight, schools redesign for student safety...'

Education Week--Teacher Apprenticeships Are Booming in Wake of Shortages. Here’s What You Need to Know...'

Education Dive--Can school-led immunization efforts raise low COVID vaccination rates?...'

The Hechinger Report--OPINION: New federal funding alone won’t be enough to help students catch up in the classroom post pandemic...'

3-20-23 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--NJ students take high school exit exam amid concerns about passing score, usefulness...' NJ Spotlight--Training in suicide prevention proposed for more school personnel Legislation would require principals, librarians, other school staffers to get training...'

Philadelphia Inquirer--Philly high school students now have free online mental health help, but some parents worry about its use...'

The Hechinger Report--Inside a growing federal effort to prepare students for cybersecurity careers...'

Asbury Park Press--Shore schools could receive nearly $40 million more in aid under new deal, Senator says...'

Edutopia--Why the 100-Point Grading Scale Is a Stacked Deck...'

Washington Post--Covid changed parents’ view of schools — and ignited the education culture wars...'

Education Dive--CDC: Poor sleep during COVID-19 linked to greater difficulty doing schoolwork...'

3-17-23 Education in the News
Chalkbeat--New Jersey students take high school exit exam amid concerns about passing score, usefulness...' Education Week--Kids Understand More From Books Than Screens, But That’s Not Always the Case...'

Education Dive--School lunch participation leapt 51% during 2021-22...'

The Hechinger Report--OPINION: Lessons from city planners may help address student behavior problems...'

TAPinto Asbury Park--Senate Education Chair Vin Gopal pushing Governor Murphy for up to $100 million dollar school funding relief package...'

3-16-23 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Op-Ed: Murphy and NJ’s teachers unions — perfect together...' InsiderNJ--NJ Public Education Advocates Seek State Guidance on Attempts by Local School Districts to Subvert Mandated Health and Physical Education Curriculum...'

NY Times--Florida Scoured Math Textbooks for ‘Prohibited Topics.’ Next Up:...'

The Atlantic--The Librarians Are Not Okay...'

Education Week--Making the Case for Schools That Don’t Look Like Prisons...'

Chalkbeat--I was once a struggling math student. Now I teach the subject that terrified me...'

Education Dive--Democrats introduce their own ‘Bill of Rights’ for public school students, parents...'

Edutopia--6 Steps to Protect Student Data Privacy...'

3-15-23 Education in the News
Star Ledger--It’s illegal to censor student journalists but some districts refuse to comply with the law    Opinion...'
Education Week--The Gender Pay Gap Is a Problem for Teachers, Too...'

Education Dive--Top ed tech sites used by schools employ ‘extensive’ tracking tools...'

3-14-23 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Saving young lives by learning suicide’s warning signs...' NJ Spotlight--Op-Ed: Let’s reexamine impact of the ‘Mount Laurel doctrine’...'

InsiderNJ—(Op-Ed) Murphy’s School Funding Lucky Zip Code Lottery...'

Education Week--Many Educators Give Their School Buildings Low Grades. There’s No Big Fix in Sight...'

Education Dive--Superintendents skew younger, but diversity remains elusive...'

Edutopia--4 Practical Ways Administrators Can Support Teachers...'

3-13-23 Education in the News
Star Ledger--Democracy must be reborn in every generation. That requires a civic education.    Opinion...'
NY Times--School District Sued Over Handling of Student’s Pledge of Allegiance Protest...'

Education Week--Status Check: The Top Challenges to Social-Emotional Learning and How to Address Them...'

Education Dive--Dropout rates have ticked up in some states. How big is the problem?...'

Education Dive--Learner, educator support needed to encourage underrepresented students to take advanced courses...'

3-10-23 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--‘Adriana’s Law’ would target school-related cyberbullying...' The Record--Get into NJ parks for free again. What other fee waivers are in Murphy's proposed budget?...'

Philadelphia Inquirer—(Op-Ed) What does ChatGPT mean for grammar, cyberbullying, and the future of language?...'

NY Times--How to Get Kids to Hate English...'

Education Week--Teachers Explain Why Letting Students Redo Assignments Is Problematic...'

Chalkbeat--Tutoring help reaches few students despite nationwide push...'

Education Dive--Biden requests $90B for Education Department in FY24 budget...'

Edutopia--Embedding Voice and Choice in Professional Learning...'

3-9-23 Education in the News
Education Week--A Hotline for Educators: Advocacy Group Pledges Support in Midst of Ugly Politics...' Education Dive--More evidence shows teachers are increasingly exiting the classroom...'
3-8-23 Education in the News
The Record--Morris Prosecutor's Office reminds Jefferson HS students: 'Your life is being filmed'...' Education Week--Teachers Say a New Parents’ Bill of Rights Doesn’t Solve Schools’ Problems...'

Education Dive--Summer programs still robust for 2023, but future slowdown looms...'

3-7-23 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Speed saves: Acting fast is key to preventing teen suicides...' Jersey Journal--Bayonne superintendent leans heavily on students’ ideas for new anti-bullying initiative...'

Education Week--What Do Teachers Think of ChatGPT? You Might Be Surprised...'

Chalkbeat--Student behavior remains concerning amid COVID’s impact, educators say...'

Education Dive--How can districts help prevent millions of children from losing Medicaid coverage?...'

The Hechinger Report—(Op-Ed) STUDENT VOICES: We need more women in STEM fields, and we have ideas for making that happen...'

3-6-23 Education in the News
Star Ledger--N.J.’s call for school volunteers is far from meeting its goal (Updated to include comments from DOE)...' Asbury Park Press--Parents, educators plead with legislators for fixes after Central Regional student's death...'

NY times--Meeting the Mental Health Challenge in School and at Home...'

Chalkbeat--Teacher turnover hits new highs across the U.S.

Education Week--What’s the Best Thing Happening in Schools Right Now? We Asked Top Teachers...'

Education Dive--States invest ESSER funds in tutoring but scalability remains a challenge...'

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