Quality Public Education for All New Jersey Students


     SEL--Maurice J. Elias, Ph.D.--Returning To Polarized Schools in 2024: Recommendations For Educators
     Testimony--Heat Stress--Ginsburg 5-24
     Testimony--Online Education--Aderhold--2-24
     Testimony--Online Education--Ginsburg--12-23
     Testimony--Teacher Evaluations--Goldberg--12-23
     Testimony--Special Education Census Bill 12-14-23--Ginsburg
     Joint Organization Statement on Employee Sick Leave Bill
     Testimony--Bauer--FAFSA Requirement 6-23
     Testimony--Ginsuburg--Asembly Budget Committee 3-27-23.docx
     Testimony--Sampson--Senate Budget Committee
     Testimony--Aderhold Testimony on Student Suicide-3-2-23
     Testimony--Aderhold Testimony (ASA) on Exit Exams--A4639--3-9-23
     Testimony--Ginsburg Statement on S3220 (on behalf of education organizaitons
     Testimony--Ginsburg Testimony on Assessments, 12-6-22, Joint Committee on the Public Schools
     Testimony--Superintendents on Delayed Learning 10-22
     Testimony--Goldberg Testimony on Learning Delay
     Letter Protesting Cut-Off of School-Based Youth Services Program
     Start Strong Concerns Letter and Response from NJDOE
     Senate Education Committee -- Volpe Testimony (EdTPA) 3-7-22
     Joint Committee on Public Schools Hearing 2-22 Aderhold Testimony (Staffing Shortages)