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4-16-15 Response to Commissioner Hespe Update on Initial PARRC Testing


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We Raise NJ Applauds The New Jersey Students Who Completed PARCC 

April 15, 2015

Coalition looks forward to helping parents and teachers with valuable new information about student progress

We Raise NJ congratulates all of New Jersey’s students who completed the PARCC assessment last month. The coalition commends their hard work, dedication and commitment to their studies. An overwhelming majority of parents chose to have their children take the exam, demonstrating confidence and trust despite a well-funded campaign to malign the assessments.

This is the first year of a new important assessment of student learning. There has certainly been some apprehension about the test, but we need to improve access to accurate and helpful information about the need and value of these new assessments.

The coalition believes that participation will grow over time as parents and schools see the value of the extensive information about instruction and learning that the new tests will provide. Many 11th grade students chose one of the several alternative paths to graduation, but their peers who completed the test will find that the results provide valuable information in helping them prepare for life after high school. Likewise, it is encouraging to see that more than 95 percent of parents in early grades embraced the new assessments, and they will soon find that the benefits of taking the tests far outweigh any immediate inconveniences.

Standardized assessments are crucial tools in objectively gauging student improvement. Educators designed the PARCC tests to address the shortcomings of prior tests. When PARCC releases its score reports, teachers, parents and administrators will gain an in-depth understanding of student growth. Teachers will also learn more about their own practices and where their students need help.

Patricia Wright, Executive Director of New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association: “PARCC is designed to be a window into a student’s academic readiness for college and career, and it also will provide teachers and leaders with unprecedented amounts of information to improve instruction. Principals and supervisors around the state look forward to receiving the PARCC results so that we can get to work on helping teachers understand the score reports and apply the information in the classroom in order to help students succeed.”

Dr. Lawrence Nespoli, President of the New Jersey Council of County Colleges: “We believe high school students and their parents will see the value of the PARCC exam as they go through the college admissions process. Unlike previous state tests, the PARCC assessment incorporates critical thinking, problem-solving and real-world skills, which all provide insight into whether students are ready for college-level work. That is why New Jersey’s 19 community colleges have announced that they will use the PARCC scores as placement tools after the scores have been calibrated next year.”

We Raise NJ Applauds The New Jersey Students Who Completed PARCC

Contact: Ernie Grigg Ernie.Grigg@FinnPartners.com 212-715-1556

We Raise NJ is a broad coalition that supports parents and teachers in navigating recent changes to our children’s education. The coalition aims to elevate parent engagement and teacher capacity to advance the state of education in New Jersey and ensure more successful futures for our students. Recognizing these new tests can be a source of apprehension and uncertainty, We Raise NJ members have pledged to support parents and students during this transition. To see the coalition’s pledge, visit www.weraisenj.org/pledge. For more information on the coalition’s initiatives, visit www.bestfootforwardnj.org.

Coalition members

New Jersey Association of School Administrators

New Jersey Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development New Jersey Business and Industry Association

New Jersey Council of County Colleges

New Jersey Chamber of Commerce

Garden State Coalition of Schools


New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association

New Jersey PTA

New Jersey School Boards Association