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GSCS Statement Condemning Violence Motivated by Race, Ethnicity or Sexual Orientation
With the recent spate of violent bias-based crimes and other incidences of hatred based on perceived characteristics of individuals or groups, the Garden State Coalition of Schools wants to reaffirm our support of all those who advocate for the changes that will put an end to those expressions of hatred and promote increased understanding and peaceful resolution of conflict in our communities.
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Testimony on delayed learning from Rachel Goldberg, letter on cessation of SBYSP and more...'
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4-15-24 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--How to best teach reading: A few strategies that stand out for NJ schools...' NJ Spotlight--Anatomy of a reading lesson: Inside a second grade classroom...'

Education Week--What This School Used as the Main Ingredient for a Positive Climate...'

Education Dive--School librarians targeted in new wave of censorship legislation...'

The Hechinger Report--PROOF POINTS: Four things a mountain of school discipline records taught us...'

4-12-24 Education in the News
NY Times--Harvard and Caltech Will Require Test Scores for Admission...' Education Week--Lazy? Anxious? Overlooked? Teachers Sound Off on Unmotivated Students...'

Chalkbeat--Majority of American teachers worry about shootings at their schools, survey shows...'

Education Dive--‘Crisis of credibility’: FAFSA rollout panned during congressional hearing...'

4-11-24 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Pledge made to reexamine school funding formula with legislative input...' Star Ledger--Charter classification, girls ice hockey to find out fate at NJSIAA’s annual meeting...'

The Record--NJ education officials say more resources could help SDA, learning loss...'

NY Times--A Principal Confronted a Teenage Girl. He Could Face 10 Years in Prison...'

NPR--Consumer Reports asks USDA to remove Lunchables from schools' lunch menus...'

Education Week--Putting the Freak-out Over Social Media and Kids’ Mental Health in Historical Context...'

Education Dive--Some states move to curb book bans...'

Edutopia--4 Ways to Support Partnerships With Families...'

The Hechinger Report--How AI could transform the way schools test kids...'

4-10-24 Education in the News
Philadelphia Inquirer—N.J. lawmakers are scramling to save 140 school districts as massive budget cuts loom...' NY Times--Parents of Michigan School Shooter Sentenced to 10 to 15 Years in Prison...'

Education Week--The Biggest Policy Challenges Schools Are Facing Right Now...'

Chalkbeat--Think tank lays out plan to deny free education to undocumented students...'

Edutopia--Meeting Students’ Needs for Emotional Suppor...'

4-9-24 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--‘School choice’ bill revs up voucher debate School advocates say the bill is another attempt at school voucher program in NJ...'

Star Ledger--These 100+ N.J. school districts could get back money lost in budget cuts under new plan...'

Washington Post--America has legislated itself into competing red, blue versions of education...'

Education Week--Stop Saying ‘These Kids Don’t Care About School’...'

Education Dive--How will ESSER fiscal cliffs drive school district budget cuts?...'

The Hechinger Report--Authors and companies that pushed flawed reading method fight back...'

4-8-24 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--High school graduation rate rose in NJ last year...' NJ Monitor--Lawmakers aim to help school districts facing state aid cuts...'

Washington Post--How does your school perform? Virginia moves toward new school ratings...'

The Atlantic--The One Big Thing You Can Do for Your Kids...'

NPR--Indiana lawmakers ban cellphones in class. Now it's up to schools to figure out how...'

Education Week--Inconsistent Sleep Patterns in High School Linked to Academic Struggles...'

Chalkbeat--A bungled FAFSA rollout threatens students’ college ambitions...'

Education Dive--Special education population rose 2% between 2020 and 2021...'

4-3-24 Education in the News
InsiderNJ—Press Release: (Vouchers) The following is an open letter to Governor Phil Murphy, Senate President Nick Scutari, Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin and the entire state Legislature...' The Atlantic--If Teenage Girls Ran America...'

Education Week--What’s Missing From States’ Reading Laws? The Role of Content Knowledge...'

Chalkbeat--Banned books make up the sophomore English curriculum at this NYC high school...'

Education Dive--As teacher use of AI detection grows, discipline guidance a mixed bag...'

The Hechinger Report--Hechinger’s school discipline project: How we did it...'

4-2-24 Education in the News
Star Ledger--HS flag football shows amazing growth, but lots to do before 2026...' Asbury Park Press--State claims Lakewood school aid is fine, blames district for money woes...'

The Atlantic--Colleges Are Facing an Enrollment Nightmare...'

Education Week--Can SEL Help Students Curb Their Own Cellphone Use?...'

Education Dive--Federal coordinating council formed to support K-12 cybersecurity...'

The Hechinger Report--Young children misbehave. Some are suspended for acting their age...'

4-1-24 Education in the News
NJ Spotlight--Education Department is urged to examine underlying assumptions of school funding...' The Record--Viewing glasses, watch parties: Is your child's NJ school ready for the eclipse?...'

NY Times--Elite College Admissions Have Turned Students Into Brands...'

Education Week--The Top 10 Bad Outcomes of Social Media Use, According to Students...'

Education Dive--The 6-month countdown to the end of ESSER begins...'

The Hechinger report--Vague school rules at the root of millions of student suspensions...'

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